Elite Trailers are by far our best selling flatbed trailer, the reasons: PRICE, QUALITY, AND AVAILIBITY

Elite Trailers are a price leader in the industry of building Gooseneck flatbed trailers. With standard features such as I-Beam necks, I-Beam Frame, Low Profile design, Torque Tube, Dexter Axles, 3" Channel crossmembers, Rub Rail, Stake pockets and more, Elite leads our sales in Gooseneck Flatbeds.

Quality for the price is unmatched by any other trailer on the market. Our goal is to provide you with the finest trailers with only the best parts and superior craftsmanship. Each trailer is carefully inspected following a 14-point process and delivered on time, guaranteed! One of Elite's most popular innovations in the Center POP-UP Panel, which allows you to level the deck over your dovetail, providing more usable space and payload capacity. Elite utilizes Pierced-Frame Construction, which means the crossbeams are literally punched through the frame, not just running across the top of it. The result is a deck height a substantial 5" lower, making it easier to load and unload. All of our Elite Trailers are ordered in standard with a Torque Tube for added strength and stability. A tube of US steel is built in through the center of the frame and provides added stability, making the trailer safer and easier to handle.

With lead times a little as 2-3 weeks, custom ordered trailers are fast and easy to get! We do keep in stock 25-32' tandem dual flatbeds with dovetails and 25' tandem axle flatbeds with dovetails all the time. If we happen to be out of the size you want, rest assured another one is already on the way!!

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